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I help teams leverage their LinkedIn presence 

Oh, I love new beginnings. I can’t stay in one place for too long. I can’t do the same thing over and over again. I need the adventure!

That need for trying new things keeps me always curious and active. I’ve had many titles and jobs: writer, marketer, strategist, project manager... but always around the same space.

I like to think of my career as a whole, and that's more than the job titles I get. it's about the passion behind it, the drive, the impact I want to make. 

Someone asked me how I measured success. And that, to me, is about 1) giving more value to the people that come my way, 2) inspiring others to be intentional with their careers, and 3) helping companies grow their businesses in a more humane and effective way.

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What I value 💛

I'm a people-first player. The wellbeing of my team is as important as the wellbeing of my customers, and this is my top priority (yes, more than money).

I believe in cooperation over competition. I might be the face of my brand, but behind the scenes, I work hand-in-hand with other professionals. The more diverse, the better. I embrace uniqueness.

I proudly walk the extra mile, this is what makes good work awesome.

I worship work-life balance. I take good care of my physical and mental state, and I encourage everyone that works with me to do the same. We work best when we're happy and fulfilled.

I praise creativity, for it enables us to imagine differently in order to build things in innovative and more sustainable ways.

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