About me 💁‍♀️

Creating a business to support wellbeing, not just profit

Burnout is no joke. It's sneaky, and it can present itself in many forms. It takes time and care, and sometimes, that's not something our capitalist world can offer. But it's very real. And if you ignore it, it won't go away, it'll just come back stronger.

I shared the news of my resignation over LinkedIn and got such huge support and encouragement that I decided to start narrating my comeback over email.

Hopefully, it'll help make visible the symptoms, causes and consequences of burnout for managers and workers to be able to support themselves better.

Ideally, it'll help us build more conscious companies that strive for people's wellbeing instead of savage profit.

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What I value 💛

I'm a people-first player. The wellbeing of my team is as important as the wellbeing of my customers, and this is my top priority (yes, more than money).

I believe in cooperation over competition. This is a solo business, but I behind the scenes I still work hand-in-hand with other professionals. The more diverse, the better. I embrace uniqueness.

I proudly walk the extra mile. Done is better than perfect, but excellence lies on the details. The extra mile is what makes good work awesome. 

I worship work-life balance. I strive to take good care of my physical and mental state, and I encourage everyone that works with me to do the same. We work best when we're happy and fulfilled.

I praise creativity, for it enables us to imagine differently in order to build things in innovative and more sustainable ways.

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