Repurpose your content fast with my content module page

Repurpose your content fast with my content module page

Get faster and easier Social Media content for any channel by creating a content module page for every piece of long-form content you create for your business.

How to use this template

1. Pick one of your ideal audience's pain-point.

For example: I have no time to create content for Social Media

2. Write a content piece on the topic showcasing how your solution will help them solve or aliviate that pain-point.

For example: a blog post on How to fill in your Social Media calendar by repurposing blog posts

3. Create a separate copy of your blog post and start chopping it into smaller modules or sections or (let's use Robin Hood's metaphor) "snacks".

For example: under the "How-to" module, you'll place a list of steps to achieve this goal. In the Statistics module, you'll place how much time you saved by repurposing. In the "Definitions" module, you'll copy and paste all the definitions you gave in your post. Under the "Statistics & hard data", you'll copy all the numbers in your document.

4. Voilà. You have now your first Content Module page for that blog post. Every time you need to complete your Social Media calendar, go to all your Content Module pages of all your blog posts and take a snack of data to copy and paste into your Social Media templates. Then share the link to invite your audience to read the whole piece of content on your website.

5. Create a Content Module page for EVERY and ALL your content pieces. This will be a huuuge time saver and can be used for almost any channel, if well-formatted.

Grab and duplicate the template below to use it in your content creation process 👇👇👇